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TDCJ Volunteer Application

Acknowledgement of Training and Pledge of Service

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To Become a TDCJ - Certified Volunteer & Certified Mentor (All Forms and Applications Located on under Forms.)

  1. Fill out the Mentor Application and return to Mentor Program Coordinator for the Unit you are serving.
  2. Fill out the TDCJ Volunteer Application hard copy (if you are already a Certified Volunteer SKIP 2-4). Note: When filling out make sure you fill in all blanks if it is not applicable place a NA in the blank. Also make sure in the Under Program Area: Check “Chaplaincy” and make sure you list your faith denomination.
  3. Take your filled out TDCJ Volunteer Application with you to Training, make sure you turn it into the on sight Facilitator also sign the sign in sheet. Notify your Mentor Program Coordinator that you have completed your training and the date so they can record and inform the Unit that your status has changed to Certified Volunteer.
  4. Click here for Training Schedule      
  5. Click here to take take the Online Mentor Course. On Completion of taking the TDCJ Chaplaincy Mentor Training make sure you go all the way though the training until you see a Certificate, complete the certificate by typing in your name in the blank indicating where your name should go and then save it to pdf and print it out (note the Date should change once you type in your name.) Keep one copy for yourself, print out a duplicate and return it to the Unit Program Mentor Coordinator.
  6. Sign the attached Acknowledgement of Training and Pledge of Service form and return to the Unit Program Mentor Coordinator. 
  7. Fill out the Volunteer Assignment Description Form. On this form, ONLY fill in: Print your Name top Right under Volunteer Name, Bottom Left Print your Name as Volunteer, Sign and date return to your Program Mentor Coordinator. Make sure your Unit Program Mentor Coordinator has your Mentor Certificate, Acknowledgement of Training and Pledge of Service and Volunteer Assignment Description Forms so that they can process it to TDCJ and get you listed as a Certified Mentor.

Program Mentor Coordinators - If you are unsure of who your Program Mentor Coordinator is, contact


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