Our basic principles


An all-volunteer association of in-prison mentor program coordinators and are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation founded in 1992.


JESUS CHRIST is the ultimate mentor and deliverer from a life of crime and sin and that the HOLY BIBLE is our primary manual. 


Promote all aspects of better mentoring via our media resources such as this Web site, a separate recruiting brochure, videos and exhibit displays.  We also use speakers at conferences and workshops plus one on one consultations to assist in new program set-ups including mentor program information such as curriculum recommendations and after care recommendations.


mentoring is the key

…add to your…brotherly kindness love. — 2 Peter 1:5, 7


Our Vision

That every incarcerated inmate has the opportunity to make a successful transition into the free world through a Christ centered mentoring program.

Our Mission

To serve as an umbrella organization that facilitates education, training, and resources for in-prison mentor programs, and one that encourages chaplains, coordinators, and volunteers to assist TDCJ in achieving its goal of lower offender recidivism.

Our history

In March of 1992 we incorporated with the State of Texas as the East Texas Criminal Justice Network Ministry with Lufkin, TX as the base of operations.

Then in April of 1993 we received our IRS 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization approval.

In July of 1999 we changed our name to Christian Restorative Justice Mentors Association and changed its base of operation to The Woodlands, Texas.

June 12, 2007 we up-streamed our non-profit status to the Restorative Justice Alliance while continuing under the assumed name of Christian Restorative Justice Mentors Association. This allowed the Restorative Justice Alliance to form Police and Chaplains Team (P.A.C.T.) in Southwest Houston.

We reorganized in August of 2010 as the CRJ Mentors Association and continued to minister under the assumed name of the Christian Restorative Justice Mentors Association.

Finally, in December of 2010 we received IRS 501(c)(3) approval with a new EIN 37-1608557.

Our Leadership Team

Chairman - Todd Shoemake

Todd brings to the Chair role his prior experience serving as an officer of a major non-profit organization, as Treasurer of our organization and as a mentor at Ferguson Prison.

He is employed as VP of Finance & Administration with ITC Trading Management Co. and recently as Prayer Chair for a local chapter of the Community Bible Study.

Vice Chairman - Jason Wysong

Jason began Mentoring at the Eastham Unit in 2015 & now serves as both a mentor & Kairos team member there. In 2016 he took on the Mentor Coordinator role with Byrd Unit also.  Finally Jason's passion for giving our men in white practical life application lessons they can use in the business world lead him to the Prison Entrepreneur Program where he serves as a Sponsor & Business Plan Advisor at the Cleveland Unit. Jason works for an HVAC company where he is employed as a Project Scheduler/ Manager when he is not serving behind bars.

Acting Secretary/Treasurer - Murray Batt

Murray previously served as In-Prison Mentor Program Coordinator at the Ellis and Eastham Prisons. He is retired from Tenneco Oil Co. In his role in cash management and was Co-founder of a National non-profit professional organization as well as CRJMA.


Tom Barnes - Tom has served at a Mentor Program Coordinator at Eastham and Established the Program at the Terrell Unit, has helped Coordinators in other Units and is currently still a Mentor in the Terrell and Estelle Unit. He has been a CVCA at Terrell and Estelle. Is involved with Kairos, Jubilee and Faith Based Prison ministries. He is retired from Harris County Information Technology Department.

John Hall - John also served as Chairman, vice chair, treasurer, and vice treasurer of this organization. Started with this organization when it was East Texas Criminal Justice Network Ministry. Serving as mentor coordinator at the Ellis unit, since 2015 and past coordinator of Ellis unit (1995-2000) of Eastham unit(2011-2013) and Luther unit (2005-2010). Started mentoring 1992 and still mentoring at Eastham unit.

Victor Lofgreen

Fred Richmond