You have decided to mentor?  

Great job!  Here are your next steps...

Unit Mentor Program Application

  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the Unit Prison of your choice (see Map) and ask to be added to their next available program entry list. If you are not yet a TDCJ Certified Mentor, you may be able to observe the program before committing to the following steps.
  • Complete and submit that program’s Application form to the Volunteer Coordinator

TDCJ Volunteer Application

TDCJ Volunteer Training

  • Go on line
  • Identify a convenient location and date to attend a 4 hour training
  • Follow carefully the instructions shown at the top of the Training Schedule
  • Bring the completed TDCJ Volunteer Application with you to the training event
  • Provide the Application to the event facilitator
  • Sign the event log which will be the only proof of your training

TDCJ Mentor Training

TDCJ Acknowledgement and Pledge of Service

  • Print out this Pledge document
  • Complete ALL blanks except your social security number and all but the last 4 digits of your driver’s license number.
  • Check lower left block; “Completed training on line”
  • Sign the pledge and attach the Mentor Training Certificate
  • Provide both documents to either the Unit Chaplain or the Volunteer Mentor Program Coordinator AFTER the Chaplain has determined that your TDCJ Volunteer Application was approved by TDCJ Volunteer Services. Allow up to 4 weeks for approval advice. If still no answer call Volunteer Services 936-437-3026.